Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jewelry organization: method to the madness

My latest DIY project in the spare bedroom.  I had a couple spare picture frames and some burlap left over from another project.  It took me an entire day from start to finish but i think it was totally worth it.  The most time consuming part for me was laying out all of my jewelry exactly like I wanted it on the frames.  I laid it all out on the floor and went through piece by piece so I would know exactly how many knobs/pulls to buy.  As you can see I have a lot of jewelry and I wanted to display as much as I could. I cut the burlap and used spray adhesive to make it stick to the back of the frame.  On the silver frame I doubled up and used 2 sheets of burlap and simply tucked in the frayed edges.  I made a trip to Lowe's and purchased the cheapest door handles I could find and I think they work perfect. The necklaces are held up using these furniture nails.  For the earrings I needed the handle to be pretty thin so the earring loop would fit over and hang nicely.  I also used an enclosed pull and turned it over for some of my rings.  On the top of the silver frame I used left over pieces from a picture frame hanging kit; wire and hooks.  I'm really glad I did this project! I love being able to see exactly what I have and now I find myself wearing jewelry I didn't used to wear.  

*Fun Fact: I bought the table at Good Will for $15 and the bee plate I have my rings on was $4.50  {I'm super thrifty!}



  1. Did you use cork board to stabilize the handles? Or just the back of the frame?

  2. great post!